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From an experimental beginning in excess of 40 years ago by the Eighth Earl of Radnor and his riverkeeper, eggs were harvested from spawning indigenous trout from the gravel beds of the Wiltshire Avon on Longford Estate. From a humble beginning aquaculture has evolved into a thriving business located on the watermeadows on the fringe of the River Avon whereby pristine waters are controlled to provide the optimum temperature and climate to farm fish.  


The name Trafalgar dates back to the original gift from a grateful nation to the heirs of Horatio Nelson following his death at the Battle of Trafalgar. Trafalgar House and parkland overlooks our fish farm.  


Trafalgar Fisheries are wholly dependent on water. We are well placed and the quality and quantity of water supplied is naturally filtered and stored in the huge chalk aquafer that is Salisbury Plain. Continuity of the water supply is essential for production and the River Avon gives us just that.

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