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Hatchery to Harvest

The start of the cycle is critical. Pure water is essential that is why we have a wonderful hatchery high in the Chalke Valley at the head of the Rivers Mead and Ebble.   

Production Cycle

Following the long summer days hen or female fish start their egg development. During November and December the fish change into their spawning colours and are ready for their eggs to be harvested.

The eggs are fertilised and then incubated for around thirty days before hatching into Alevins. (small fish with a yolk sack to support its first crucial fortnight of development). After the initial stage feeding commences (three times a day!) and will not stop until the fish are ready to harvest.  

As the fish grow they are moved into alternative controlled environments whereby our dedicated staff can monitor and nurture health.

The fish leave the Chalke Valley at six months of age and head for the main farm. Our main farm at Downton is the largest inland fish farm in England and produces top quality trout for you, which is what Trafalgar Fisheries are proud of. Given the size of the farm means optimum growth can be achieved without overstocking.

On arrival the fish are introduced to the juvenile ponds with clean gravel bottoms and abundant water supply.

The fish are fed carefully calculated and controlled diets to aid growth, health and stamina.

As the trout grow we grade and re-locate them to earth ponds throughout the farm until they are in optimum condition. We pride ourselves In the production of quality fish which are traceable and sustainable, and full of omega 3.