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With over three million anglers in the UK demand for restocking Rivers, Reservoirs and Lakes continues to grow whereby we provide the highest quality Rainbow and Brown Trout at competitive prices with due care and attention. With our logistical team at hand we are able to deliver the length and breadth of England and Wales and guarantee that our product is delivered in optimum conditions. As we say when you catch a Trafalgar Trout you will be hooked!

We understand the needs of the modern fishery manager & their customers, they expect quality trout, grown to size & delivered on time.

Quality Trout:
Brown and Rainbow trout are produced from our own hatchery and grown on our own farms. Fin perfect muscular trout grown in the pristine waters of the river Avon. Our experienced fish farmers hand grade all our restocking fish, therefore quality is assured.

Grown to size:
By understanding the needs of our customers we can ensure we have the correct size and quantity when they are needed. We can supply restocking Browns and Rainbow trout from 8oz to 10lb+ (0.2kg to 4.5kg). All custom is most welcome, our customers range from small angling clubs to owners of large reservoirs, we are experienced in meeting the quantity and size of trout required.

Delivered on time:
Logistics is a key part of the operation. Having spent our time growing our trout for your needs it's only right we should deliver them to your water. At Trafalgar we have our own oxygenated vehicles to ensure our quality trout are delivered to you in the very best condition.

Please take a look at our e-brochure for more information.