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Trafalgar Fisheries evolved some 40 years ago, the Eighth Earl of Radnor and his riverkeeper experimented by creating a small pond in which trout were successfully reared supported by fresh flowing water from the Wiltshire Avon.

Following a tentative introduction it was soon apparent that the Avon Valley environment between Salisbury and Downton lent itself to fish farming and from one pond lead to another. Today 50 acres of land support this fascinating and sustainable industry.  

From a humble start Trafalgar Fisheries is now the largest in land fish farm in England. At Trafalgar Fisheries our aim is to achieve the highest of standard of welfare, with modern processing operations and techniques remain a benchmark for hygiene and quality control. Today we fly the flag for British Trout serving multiples, wholesale, retail, air, rail and sea offering the end user mouthwatering quality products which are fresh, traceable and sustainable.

We also pride ourselves on growing Rainbow and Brown Trout for the restocking of rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Angling is one of the UKs most popular past times and Trafalgar Fisheries are an efficient producer. With logistics as part of the core business we are able to deliver live trout in a carefully controlled and managed environment throughout England and Wales.