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As demand grew it was natural that we listened to our customers and they wanted more! Today we source directly from the country of origin speciality fish products from around the world especially for you. All products are ethically produced and for rare delicacies such as caviar each jar is accredited by CITES (The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) and Friends of the Sea accredited offering full traceability.  

Our Samphire grass is farmed so that you have peace of mind ensuring no impact on the Worlds coastline or estuaries.   Fresh Wakame and Mixed Seaweed are all sourced from the North Atlantic and are rich in iron, iodine, sodium, calcium and thiamine a truly health option. Our helpful staff at Trafalgar Fisheries will help you and give you further insight into the following sea and coast products:  

Dry Goods

Craytails on brine 900g drained Prawns in brine 900g drained King prawns in brine 900g drained
Rolmop herring 2.9kg Marinated anchovies 1kg Premium sea food salad 1kg
Italian sea food salad 2kg Fish soup perard Lobster soup perard
Crab soup perard Pickled samphire perard Red/black lumpe fish roe 100g x 12
Salmon keta 100g x 12 Trout roe 90g x 6 Osietra caviar 50g
Onuga 100g Avruga 120g Squid ink
Fish terrines    
Wet Goods Farmed sea bass Farmed sea bream Red/black tilapia (UK)
Yellow fin tuna Sword fish  
Shellfish Crabs Lobsters Live crayfish
Crevettes cooked/raw all sizes Amandes Clams Venus clams
Palourde clam Mussels Razor Clams
Soft shell crabs Escargot  
Seaweeds Nori fresh Wakame fresh Dulce fresh
Sea lettuce fresh Lava bread tinned Samphire grass

You will understand that products are prone to seasonal change so please contact us for availability.